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Our range of children’s play panels and musical instruments are truly inclusive – they work for mainstream schools as well as special needs establishments.

We can offer a whole range of fun and colourful curriculum-based play panels to allow you to take learning outside of the classroom. From letter and number formations for KS1 and reception to scientific projects for KS2. Our Play panel board games are perfect for quieter areas of the playground for those children who prefer not to take part in the usual ball and playground games.

HDPE play panels are great additions to school playground apparatus and can be positioned either on the wall for those areas where free space is a limited or mounted on posts to create zoned areas for learning, games and music play.

Our Rotogen panels provide are great playground equipment fun for children and adults alike. These panels feature our RotoGen human powered kinetic energy dynamo, which also has an intelligent power monitoring system to check and protect the power input, playback ad battery protection. As RotoGen is a Human Powered Generator, you do not have to worry about regular battery changes in high use areas. The children wind the RotoGen to create the power to make their own music and games.

Our range includes

  • Eco Music
  • Rotogen Music and Play Panels
  • Percussion Instruments
  • Moving Parts Panels
  • Fun Activity Panels
  • Fun and Educational Panels
  • Playground Shops
  • Arts and Crafts Panels
  • Mirrors and Domes
  • Magnetic Play
  • Street and Traffic Signs

wall activity panels can be installed directly onto the wall rather or on free-standing posts. This allows you to free up the playground surface space for more running around activities and games! Having a wall activity panel in a quieter area of the playground allows children to play games of anything from sudoku to snakes and ladders.

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