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Trim Trails of our most popular products, both the timber trim trail and steel trim trail items focus children’s concentration to develop balance, confidence and co-ordination and encourages healthy and active play. Trim Trails are the perfect play equipment to set up at your premises. Trim Trails contribute to the development of essential mental and physical abilities such as balance, strength, and coordination in children.

Our extensive range of school playground equipment includes balance beams, balance weaves, stepping logs, bridges, tunnels, climbers and so much more. You can form a sustainably sourced timber trim trail with the different combinations of these parts with customisations to cater to children of varying age groups and height, focusing on specific skills that meets your budget.

Our experts will survey your space, understand your expectations, and provide guidance on the best wooden trim trail combinations. Find the best quality trim trails for schools and play park equipment at Premier Play Solutions.

Galvanised steel feet can be fitted on most trail items for a small additional charge! Steel feet offer added weather protection and are an alternative to in ground timbers and can be used in both wet pour surfacing and extended for loose fill bark.

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