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Clamber Stack 2

  • Product Code: AMVAE-CS8
  • Price: $3,039.00
    • Dimensions:
      Length 3965
      Width 3051
      Height 2700
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    The clamber stack range encourages children from an early age to use their imagination and to develop their physical and social skills, the methods used in climbing can help a child’s cognitive development through problem solving, memory and the feelings of fear and motivation. The clamber stack 2 is suitable for children aged 5 and over. Clamber means to climb using both hands and feet in an effortful way, this form of climbing can be physically demanding but it can provide the opportunity to develop balance, strength, and coordination. A stack is typically a pile of objects that are neatly arranged, however a clamber stack is designed to appear disorganised. Using timber and rope the clamber stack simulates a natural, challenging, and enjoyable play environment which can ignite a child’s imagination, encourage problem solving and help to build confidence. All AMV Timber Activity & Fitness Trail equipment is made from sustainably sourced timber and available in two grades of high-quality timber with respective warranties of 10 or 15 years. Steel feet available as optional extra

    • Key Stage: KS1,KS2
    • Play Values: Balancing , Stretching & Flexibility , Strength , Hanging , Hand-eye Co-ordination , Gross Motor Skills , Climbing
    • Age Suitability: 5-7, 7-11, 11-16
    • MATERIAL FINISH: Sanded and Splinter Free Pressure Treated with TANALISED E 8000 wood preservative
    • SAFETY SURFACING: Safety surface area required 35m2
      Safety Surface Area Dimensions 6400 x 7700mm
    • FREE FALL HEIGHT: 1500mm
    • WARRANTY: 10 year timber warranty
      - Standard pine option (10 year in-ground guarantee)
      - Sustainably sourced FSC certified softwood
    • 15 year radiata warranty
      - Radiata pine option (15 year in-ground guarantee)
      - Produced from sustainably sourced Radiata Pine
    • SPECIFICATION: Conforms to BS/EN 1176 and BS/EN 16630

    Play Values

    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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    Clamber Stack 2