We are proud to be able to support the Daily Mile initiative and have already provided Daily Mile Circuits for Primary Schools across the country. The Daily Mile tracks can be a variety of shapes and sizes and we can use bonded rubber mulch, artificial grass, EPDM or apply Thermoplastic Markings on existing tarmac to provide a bespoke Daily Mile circuit for all our schools. The Daily Mile is a popular, easy and free initiative to encourage children to run or jog a Daily Mile classroom for fifteen minutes every day, at their own pace, as a race with friends or with their friends, in order encourage fitter, healthier lifestyles. Studies have also shown that this boost of physical activity has enables children to concentrate more in the classroom and see improved academic results. The Daily Mile has become the most popular way to help children run/walk or jog for an average of 15 minutes every day in their school. It is proven to show improvements in the physical, social, emotional and mental health wellbeing of our children - regardless of age or ability. 

Schools across the country have reported improvements in retention and academic achievement as a direct consequence of their pupils regularly participating in A Daily Mile

We can provide a range of daily mile tracks that can be adapted to suit the space available in schools also that the pupils walk a number of circuits each day to achieve the daily mile. We can provide Daily Mile all-weather tracks on playing fields or grass or install bright and colourful Daily Mile playground tracks around existing tarmac playgrounds. Many schools combine thermoplastic playground markings and new all-weather Daily Mile tracks to maximise the space available and get best use out of their Sport Premium budget

Thermoplastic Playground Markings provide bright, vibrant and robust markings that are much more durable than their painted predecessors. Premier Play Solutions have created a range of Daily Mile tracks with encouraging happy faces, motivational footprints and inspirational Daily Mile messages, distance counters and sign and lap counters to make the Daily Mile track and really exciting focus of the children’s day. We can even create personalised bespoke designs of the school logo or crest to create a truly unique Daily Mile Track

The most popular of our Daily Mile tracks use Bonded Rubber Mulch which can be laid in a variety of colours and includes a weed impermeable membrane. This track is durable enough to sustain the constant daily running and walking of hundreds of young people joints and provide a safe and inspirational environment to enjoy the daily mile challenge whilst providing the ideal surface to reduce the impact on children’s growing joints. The all-weather bonded rubber mulch Daily Mile Circuits are also porous allowing surplus water to drain through limiting the build-up of ice in winter and puddles in periods of prolonged rain ensuring the Daily Mile can in fact be achieved Daily !

 Another popular choice for Daily mile tracks is the range Artificial Grass Daily Mile Circuit or AstroTurf Daily Mile track. These Daily mile tracks can be laid with a shock absorber if required or be laid directly into the grass with a Type 1 MOT sub base if and when required.

The Daily Mile is an exciting and extremely popular initiative enjoyed by thousands of schools across the UK. We work with schools to maximise their Sport Premium budgets to ensure that we create a Daily Mile track or circuit that is within budget and can be enjoyed all year long.

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