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Get ready for a playtime extravaganza with Premier Play Solutions, where we're bringing the magic to Ipswich's schoolyards! Picture this: a daily mile track where running turns into a joyful race, and an outdoor gym for schools that transforms exercise into an epic adventure. Ipswich, with its maritime history, inspires us to craft playgrounds that sail the seas of imagination. Our school playground equipment is a gateway to excitement, featuring trim trails that twist like Ipswich's charming streets and canopies that shelter dreams even when the clouds gather. And let's not forget the climbing frames that turn kids into fearless explorers! Did you know, Ipswich is one of the oldest towns in England? Just like our playgrounds, we're creating timeless memories. Premier Play Solutions, in sync with Ipswich's spirit, is turning recess into a whirlwind of laughter and creativity. Join us in shaping playtime memories that will last a lifetime!

Premier Play Solutions is fuelled by the passion to forge dynamic outdoor play, recreational, and sporting havens tailored for school playgrounds. Our comprehensive suite of services extends a helping hand to schools, local authorities, communities, and private entities. With an unwavering focus on catering to diverse needs, we excel in delivering and installing premium-grade kids playground equipment, surfaces, and markings that are finely attuned to your unique desires. Planet Earth's wellbeing is a guiding principle dear to our hearts. Our steadfast dedication to environmental stewardship takes the lead in all our pursuits. We are delighted to offer both sustainably sourced Timber Playground Equipment and an inventive line of Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment, ensuring that playtime resonates with ecological mindfulness. Located at the heart of England, our Head Office in Brookfield House, Leicester, serves as the springboard for Premier Play Solutions, backed by a dedicated UK team of installers reaching out to schools and patrons across the nation. Discover our website to explore brochures and unearth the extensive collection of playground equipment. Collaborating with distinguished international names such as Finland's Lappset, we infuse your playground with world-class quality, much like Ipswich's historic legacy. At Premier Play Solutions, our core belief is simple yet profound: every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves the enchantment of play. This conviction propels our specialization in providing and installing pioneering, all-inclusive playground equipment exclusively tailored for children with disabilities. Our mission revolves around sculpting play spaces that embody inclusivity, nurturing confidence, independence, and boundless enjoyment for all.

Our Commitment to Inclusion:

Central to our mission is inclusivity. We comprehend the distinct requirements of children with disabilities and endeavour to shape a secure, nurturing milieu where they can flourish alongside their friends. Our playground equipment is meticulously chosen to encourage accessibility, stimulate sensory discovery, and foster social engagement, guaranteeing that every child is an active participant.

A Diverse Range of Inclusive Play Solutions: Our extensive range of inclusive playground equipment caters to a wide range of disabilities and abilities. From wheelchair-accessible structures to sensory play elements, our products are thoughtfully designed to accommodate different needs and preferences.

Safe and Durable Designs:

Safety is our top priority. All our playground equipment undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest safety standards. Our installations are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting enjoyment for all children.

Expert Installation Team: Our skilled and experienced installation team ensures that every piece of equipment is installed with precision and care. We take pride in delivering top-quality installations that bring smiles to the faces of children and their families.

Making a Difference in Communities: Premier Play Solutions is fuelled by an unwavering passion to bring about significant and constructive changes within the communities we engage with. Through the provision of all-encompassing playgrounds, we contribute to the establishment of an environment that nurtures unity, empathy, and openness among children, regardless of their capabilities.

Inclusive Play Movement: Join us in our journey to make play accessible to all children. Let's create inclusive playgrounds that inspire imagination, encourage exploration, and celebrate diversity. Together, we can build a more inclusive and compassionate world, one playground at a time.

Why Choose Premier Play Solutions?

  • Extensive experience in supplying and installing inclusive playground equipment.
  • A wide range of play solutions designed for various disabilities.
  • Commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • Skilled and compassionate team dedicated to creating inclusive play spaces.
  • Personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs and budget.

Let's Create Play Spaces that Bring Joy to Every Child! Contact Premier Play Solutions today to discuss your inclusive playground project. Our team of experts is eager to collaborate with you to design and install a playground that embraces diversity and empowers all children to play, learn, and grow together. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive future!

Extensive Product Range:

Experience the Ultimate Playground Transformation with Premier Play Solutions! At Premier Play Solutions, we take play to a whole new level, offering an extensive range of cutting-edge playground equipment for schools and local authorities. Our goal is to create captivating and interactive spaces that inspire imagination, promote physical activity, and foster a love for learning in children of all ages. Explore our comprehensive collection that caters to every need:

  • Thrilling Play Structures: Climb, swing, and explore with our incredible selection of Clamber Stacks, Climbing Towers, and Tower Units. Let imaginations run wild atop our Castle Towers and Play Towers, offering a majestic world of play.
  • Zippy Adventures: Zip and glide through the air with our exhilarating Zip Wires, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience that's both fun and invigorating.
  • Eco-Friendly Innovations: Discover our commitment to sustainability with Recycled Plastic Trim Trails, Recycled Rubber Surfacing, and Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment. Our Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables and Planters offer both function and style.
  • Engaging Play Panels: Stimulate young minds with our range of Music and Play Panels, Interactive Play Panels, and Outdoor Whiteboards, fostering learning through play.
  • Active Lifestyle Solutions: Promote health and fitness with our Outdoor Gyms, Daily Mile Tracks, Trim Trails, and Fitness Equipment specially designed for schools.
  • Inspiring Outdoor Classrooms: Create captivating learning environments with our Outdoor Classrooms, Sensory Gardens, and Playground Shelters, fostering holistic development.
  • Endless Possibilities: From Playground Markings to Playground Play Panels, Goal Units to Multi-Sport Goal Units, our offerings cater to diverse interests and needs.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Premier Play Solutions proudly delivers durable, safe, and inspiring equipment that meets the highest industry standards.
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Space: Whether you're a school, park, or community center, our versatile products can be customized to fit your unique needs. These include daily mail playground markings, musical play panels and school sport equipment.

Outdoor Gyms

Embark on a journey of outdoor health and amusement with our Outdoor Gyms for Schools. These cutting-edge fitness hubs are meticulously crafted to captivate students in pleasurable and healthful physical endeavours, inspiring them to maintain an active and well-balanced lifestyle. Dive into the realm of fitness and well-being with our Outdoor Climbing Apparatus and Outdoor Activity Equipment. Within these facilities, a variety of exercise equipment caters to all age groups, fostering an active routine among both students and staff members.

Outdoor Classrooms

Seeking to cultivate a vibrant learning setting? Our Outdoor Classrooms for Schools present an exceptional fusion of education and the outdoors. Featuring inventive layouts and cozy seating setups, these classrooms furnish a revitalizing and motivating environment for interactive lectures and collaborative dialogues.

Timber Sheds and Shelters

When it comes to shelter, sheds and storage solutions, our Timber Shelter range offers both protection from the elements and an aesthetic appeal. These sturdy structures are perfect for providing shade during sunny days or a cozy spot for relaxation during light rain.

Timber Trails

For the little adventurers, our Timber Trim Trails offer an exciting and challenging playground experience. Children can climb, balance, and explore through various trail components, promoting physical coordination and confidence. Our new recycled plastic Timber Trails range provide a new and long-lasting alternative which is also kind to the environment.

Sports Courts

Bring the excitement of sports to your playground with our Goal Units and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). These versatile spaces allow children to engage in various sports and team activities, fostering teamwork and sportsmanship. We provide basketball hoops and posts along with sport markings and fitness markings to get all children involved. Our Sports Courts are meticulously crafted to meet official standards, providing the perfect space for organized sports events and friendly competitions. Transform your playground into a sports haven with our Artificial Grass for Sport. Designed to resemble natural turf, this durable surface ensures a safe and enjoyable play experience.

Canopies and Outdoor Shelters

Protect children from harsh weather conditions with our Canopies and Outdoor Shelters for Schools. These adaptable structures provide ample shade during sunny days and keep kids dry during unexpected rain showers.

Early Years Playground Equipment (EYFS and Nursery Playground)

For early learners, we offer a delightful array of Early Years Playground Equipment. From Sand Pits to Water Play Tables, these elements stimulate creativity and sensory exploration. Experience the thrill of play with our Interactive Reaction Games and Wet Play features. These engaging activities keep children entertained and active while enhancing their cognitive skills.

Climbing Frames

For little climbers, our Climbing Frames offer endless opportunities for adventure and physical development. Encourage imaginative play with our Mud Kitchens, where children can pretend to cook, bake, and explore the wonders of nature.

Interactive Play Panels

Our Interactive Play Panels allow games and learning to take place and Outdoor White Boards and Outdoor Blackboards for Schools promote additional interactive learning experiences, making education enjoyable and exciting.

Daily Mile Tracks

Keep kids moving and active with our Playground Markings for Schools and Daily Mile Tracks. These visually engaging markings transform the playground into a colourful and educational space.

Sheds and Outdoor Storage

Arrange and streamline your outdoor area with our Sheds and Outdoor Storage Units, offering practical storage solutions.

Zip Wires, Playground Swings and Playground Slides

Take play to new heights with our Double Deck Slides, providing an exhilarating slide experience and have a look at our great range of zip wires and group swings.

Sensory Gardens for Schools

Create a serene and calming environment with our Wooden Planters and Outdoor Seating, perfect for relaxation and socializing. Stimulate the senses with our Sensory Gardens for Schools, designed to engage and soothe children's minds.

For high-quality School Playground Equipment, Premier Play Solutions is your go-to destination. From Daily Mile Tracks to Trim Trails and from Swings to Roundabouts, we have everything you need to create an exciting and dynamic playground.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence has earned us the reputation of being one of the leading School Playground Companies in the region. Join countless satisfied customers and experience the Premier Play Solutions difference. Discover the joy of play and the wonders of imagination with our Children's Playground Equipment. We understand the importance of creating spaces that inspire children to dream, explore, and create lasting memories.

Transform your Playground

Transform your playground today with Premier Play Solutions! Explore our extensive range of products and let us be your partner in creating a playground that fosters growth, learning, and pure fun. Contact us now and let's embark on this incredible journey together! We cater to every aspect of a thriving playground, from climbing frames and tower units to sensory gardens and outdoor classrooms. Our playground markings and sports equipment inspire physical activity and fun learning experiences.

Why Choose PPS?

At Premier Play Solutions, we embrace diversity and inclusivity. Our inclusive workplace values individuals from all backgrounds, ensuring a cohesive team that utilizes diverse skills and services. We are proud to support people with impairments, enabling them to achieve their goals and contribute to society. PE and Sport Premium funding We also offer comprehensive assistance in maximizing PE and Sport Premium funding and provide free advice on grant funding opportunities.

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