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At Premier Play Solutions, we hold a deep passion for crafting vibrant outdoor play, recreational, and sports spaces specifically tailored for school playgrounds. Our extensive range of services caters to schools, local authorities, communities, and private organisations. With unwavering dedication to meeting diverse needs, we specialise in supplying and installing top-quality equipment, surfaces, and markings, all meticulously tailored to match your precise requirements.

Our Commitment to Sustainability: Environmental stewardship is a foundational principle for us. We proudly offer a selection of sustainably sourced Timber Playground Equipment and an innovative range of Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment, turning playtime into a conduit for promoting eco-consciousness.

Situated in the heart of England, our Head Office is located at Brookfield House in Leicester. Premier Play Solutions is home to a dedicated UK installation team, committed to serving schools and clients throughout the nation. Visit our website to explore our brochures and uncover the diverse array of playground equipment we offer.

We take immense pride in partnering with renowned international brands such as Lappset from Finland, elevating the quality of your playground.

Inclusive Play for All: At Premier Play Solutions, we firmly uphold that every child, irrespective of their abilities, should revel in the joy of play. This conviction is the driving force behind our specialisation in supplying and installing innovative and inclusive playground equipment designed for children with disabilities. Our mission is to craft inclusive play spaces fostering confidence, independence, and boundless fun for everyone.

Embracing Inclusion: Inclusion isn't just a goal; it's a fundamental value that underpins all our endeavours. Comprehending the unique needs of children with disabilities, we create safe and supportive environments that enable them to thrive alongside their peers. Our meticulously chosen playground equipment encourages accessibility, sensory exploration, and meaningful social interaction, ensuring no child is left behind.

A Diverse Range of Inclusive Play Solutions: Our extensive assortment of inclusive playground equipment caters to a broad spectrum of disabilities and abilities. From wheelchair-accessible structures to sensory play elements, our products are thoughtfully designed to accommodate diverse preferences and needs.

Safety and Durability: Safety is our paramount concern. Rigorous testing guarantees that all our playground equipment adheres to the highest safety standards. Our installations are meticulously fashioned from premium materials, ensuring durability and enduring delight for all children.

Expert Installation Team: Our adept and experienced installation team is dedicated to executing precise and meticulous installations for each piece of equipment. We take immense pride in delivering installations of the utmost quality, bringing happiness to children and their families.

Creating Positive Community Impact: At Premier Play Solutions, we are driven by a fervour for creating positive and impactful changes within the communities we serve. Through our inclusive playgrounds, we cultivate a sense of belonging, understanding, and acceptance among children of all abilities.

Join the Inclusive Play Movement: We invite you to join us on our journey to make play accessible to all children. Together, let's design and create inclusive playgrounds that ignite imagination, encourage exploration, and celebrate diversity. Through our collective efforts, we can construct a more inclusive and compassionate world, one playground at a time.

Why Choose Premier Play Solutions?

  • Vast experience in supplying and installing inclusive playground equipment.
  • Wide range of play solutions designed to accommodate various disabilities.
  • Commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • Proficient and compassionate team devoted to creating inclusive play spaces.
  • Personalised solutions tailored precisely to your unique requirements and budget.

Let's Collaboratively Craft Joyful Play Spaces! Contact Premier Play Solutions today to discuss your inclusive playground project. Our team of experts eagerly anticipates collaborating with you to design and install a playground that celebrates diversity, empowers all children to play, learn, and flourish together. Let's pave the path toward a brighter and more inclusive future!

Transform Your Playground: Experience the Ultimate Playground Transformation with Premier Play Solutions! We redefine play by offering an extensive range of cutting-edge playground equipment tailor-made for schools in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Our objective is to forge captivating and interactive spaces that inspire imagination, encourage physical activity, and nurture a love for learning among children of all ages. Explore our comprehensive collection that caters to every requirement:

  • Exhilarating Play Structures: Climb, swing, and explore through our remarkable selection of Clamber Stacks, Climbing Towers, and Tower Units. Spark imaginations atop our Castle Towers and Play Towers, creating an enchanting realm of play.
  • Thrilling Adventures: Glide through the air with our heart-pounding Zip Wires, delivering an adrenaline-fueled experience that's both exhilarating and invigorating.
  • Eco-Friendly Innovations: Uncover our unwavering commitment to sustainability with Recycled Plastic Trim Trails, Recycled Rubber Surfacing, and Recycled Plastic Playground Equipment. Our Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables and Planters seamlessly merge function with style.
  • Captivating Play Panels: Ignite young minds with our range of Music and Play Panels, Interactive Play Panels, and Outdoor Whiteboards, nurturing learning through play.
  • Active Lifestyle Solutions: Foster health and fitness with our Outdoor Gyms, Daily Mile Tracks, Trim Trails, and Fitness Equipment specially crafted for schools.
  • Inspiring Outdoor Classrooms: Establish captivating learning environments with our Outdoor Classrooms, Sensory Gardens, and Playground Shelters, nurturing comprehensive development.
  • Endless Possibilities: From Playground Markings to Playground Play Panels, Goal Units to Multi-Sport Goal Units, our offerings cater to diverse interests and needs.
  • Trustworthy Quality: Premier Play Solutions proudly delivers robust, safe, and inspiring equipment that complies with the highest industry standards.
  • Customised Solutions for Every Space: Whether you're a school, park, or community centre, our versatile products can be tailored to perfectly fit your distinct requirements.

Outdoor Gyms: Explore the potential of outdoor fitness and fun with our Outdoor Gyms for Schools. These state-of-the-art gyms are meticulously designed to engage students in enjoyable and healthy physical activities, encouraging them to stay active and lead a fit lifestyle.

Outdoor Classrooms: Looking to create a dynamic learning environment? Our Outdoor Classrooms for Schools offer a unique fusion of education and nature. With innovative designs and comfortable seating arrangements, these classrooms provide a refreshing and inspiring space for interactive lessons and group discussions.

Timber Sheds and Shelters: Our Timber Shelter range offers both protection from the elements and aesthetic appeal. These robust structures are ideal for providing shade on sunny days or a cozy haven for relaxation during light rainfall.

Timber Trails: For young adventurers, our Timber Trim Trails offer an invigorating and stimulating playground experience. Children can climb, balance, and explore various trail components, fostering physical coordination and self-assurance. Our novel recycled plastic Timber Trails range introduces a durable and eco-conscious alternative.

Sports Courts: Inject the thrill of sports into your playground with our Goal Units and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). These versatile spaces enable children to partake in diverse sports and team activities, nurturing teamwork and sportsmanship. We offer basketball hoops, posts, and sport markings to engage every child.

Transform your playground into a sports haven with our Artificial Grass for Sport. Designed to mimic natural turf, this robust surface ensures a secure and enjoyable play experience.

Canopies and Outdoor Shelters: Shield children from inclement weather with our Canopies and Outdoor Shelters for Schools. These adaptable structures provide ample shade on sunny days and keep kids dry during unforeseen rain showers.

Early Years Playground Equipment: For young learners, we offer a charming assortment of Early Years Playground Equipment. From Sand Pits to Water Play Tables, these elements stimulate creativity and sensory exploration.

Climbing Frames: For little climbers, our Climbing Frames present boundless opportunities for adventure and physical growth. Foster imaginative play with our Mud Kitchens, where children can engage in pretend cooking, baking, and nature exploration.

Interactive Play Panels: Our Interactive Play Panels facilitate games and learning, while Outdoor Whiteboards and Outdoor Blackboards for Schools facilitate interactive learning experiences, making education enjoyable and captivating.

Daily Mile Tracks: Encourage continuous movement and activity with our Playground Markings for Schools and Daily Mile Tracks. These visually engaging markings transform the playground into a vibrant and educational space.

Sheds and Outdoor Storage: Streamline and organise your outdoor space with our Sheds and Outdoor Storage Units, providing functional storage solutions.

Sensory Gardens for Schools: Establish a serene and calming ambiance with our Wooden Planters and Outdoor Seating, perfect for relaxation and social interaction. Stimulate the senses with our Sensory Gardens for Schools, thoughtfully designed to engage and soothe children's minds.

Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence has established us as one of the premier School Playground Companies across Merseyside. Join the ranks of countless satisfied customers and experience the distinct Premier Play Solutions touch. Uncover the thrill of play and the magic of imagination with our Children's Playground Equipment.

Transform Your Playground: Revamp your playground today with Premier Play Solutions! We cater to every facet of a thriving playground, from climbing frames and tower units to sensory gardens and outdoor classrooms. Our playground markings and sports equipment inspire physical activity and foster enjoyable learning experiences.

PE and Sport Premium Funding: We also extend comprehensive assistance in maximising PE and Sport Premium funding and offer expert advice on grant funding opportunities.

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