Play Frames

Kids Play Frames are designed in square or rectangular shapes that enable the children to work around the equipment, rather than along it. Compared to Tri play, the frames are a lot larger which would allow you to use full-sized trim trail elements even in limited space. Play Climbing Frames are perfect if you are looking to replace the traditional childrens climbing frames with a trim trail on a limited footprint. Playing on these outdoor play frames will build children's climbing ability, strength, confidence, balance, coordination and motor skills.

We can help you build customised play frame structures based on your requirements, budget and space using the following play-sets:

  • Log Rope
  • Rope Walk
  • Balance Beam
  • Stepping Logs
  • Wobble Bridge
  • Traverse Nets
  • Zig Zag Steel Bars
  • Log Climber
  • Chin Up Bar
  • Rope Chain Traverse
  • Cross Rope
  • Log Roll with Drop Ropes
  • Timber Log Climber
  • Jigsaw Traverse Panels
  • Tarzan Traverse
  • Tarzan Ring Beam
  • Traverse Net
  • Spider Web Net

As a leading playground equipment supplier Premier Play Solutions supply and install playframes for schools and climbing frame for schools of all shapes, sizes and colours. We supply large climbing frames for schools and school playgrounds and a complete range of climbing frame play equipment for children. Large climbing frames for children provide an excellent challenge and small climbing frames for children are more suitable for early years or nursery children playgrounds.

Playground equipment for children choices can often be a difficult decision to get right but our team of expert playground equipment suppliers and playground equipment installers work closely with you and our dedicated playground projects advisors to ensure that the right playframe and or the right climbing frame for children is achieved.

Large playframes for school and climbing frame for young children are essential pieces of primary school play equipment as not only do they provide young children the opportunity to play together on the inclusive school playground equipment but develop social and developmental skills that are also beneficial to children’s academic performance in the classroom.

Our attention to detail ensures that our affordable climbing frames and challenging playframes for schools provide the very best value play equipment choice. Our playframes for schools and our climbing frames for school playgrounds are made for suitable timbers and are handmade to order to the very highest British Safety Standards. Our climbing frames for children and our playframes for schools come with a 10- year and 15-year guarantees depending ion the choice of timber provided for your school playground equipments.

When our customers search for a “playground company near me” they are reassured to find that we take great care in providing the very best and safest play equipment supplier of playframes and climbing frame which has helped create our reputation as leading playground equipment supplier for local and national customers.

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