Our comprehensive range of fantastic Play Panels for kids are produced in highly durable and from long lasting HDPE, The HDPE play panels for schools are resistant to fading and will not crack, decay, spoil, split or rot. Our Play Panels for schools can be attached to playground walls or be mounted on timber or recycled plastic posts and are great interactive playground equipment resource that provide a fun play activity for children.

Playground play panels brighten up school playground, nursery playgrounds or public parks play space and come in all shapes and sizes. Playground shop panels, playground chimes and playground musical instruments allow primary school children to play and learn with friends or learn on their own at their own pace. Our Premier Play Solutions play panels for schools also have interactive dynamos that generate a safe charge to play music and makes sounds that engage and stimulate children’s curiosity for play. As a leading playground company for schools we ensure that our play panel for playgrounds are the right shape and size for each and every playground in schools.

Play panels for playgrounds can include fun games for school children such as 3 in a row, chess, noughts and crosses and can be played with a number of children at the same time. The Play Panel for schools’ shop range allow primary school children and early years children to play with curiosity and excitement and in a range of role play panel. As a playground equipment supplier for special needs schools we also provide a number of specialist playground panels such a mirrors and sound and music panels that stimulate the senses of children with special needs.

Play panels for schools are great fun and are an excellent choice for small playground spaces where playground equipment choices can be limited. By positioning the playground panels or play panel on walls at the edge of outdoor playgrounds we are able to maximise the space to allow young children to play and enjoy more space. Our musical play panels include items such as outdoor musical chimes, children’s bongo drums, outdoor musical instruments and our fantastic Rotagen interactive outdoor musical instruments have a hand turned dynamo that safely powers musical guitars, synthesisers and drums.

Our Rotagen Reaction game is fuelled by a hand powered dynamo and is a great panel for all school playgrounds as children can challenge each other to see who has the fastest reaction times in the school playground. Play panel are simple pieces of apparatus to install and as playground equipment suppliers we love to see how much these simple play panel can transform school playgrounds and play spaces in parks so readily.

Play Panels for children allow young people to use their imagination in all types of scenarios and play panels for preschool children provide fascination and interaction that helps ensure play panels for nurseries and early years children provide the very best play equipment for young children around.