Whether you want a playground complete with swings, slides, play towers, climbing walls and fitness equipment or just some simple playground markings, here at Premier Play Solutions we cater for all your playground, local park or community project needs. We have a whole catalogue dedicated to playground markings. Our board games help to develop strategic thinking and mathematical concepts from a very young age. Children can learn to work collaboratively in teams or play on their own whilst their memory and mastering the rules and boundaries of the games. Premier Paky Solutions give you the chance to decorate your provision with our vibrant and colourful characters and objects. These designs can be building blocks of an underwater, jungle or safari themed area. Friendship stops and quiet areas provide a designated space for children to develop The Daily Mile, mazes, letter and number games, shapes and prints, courts and sports, targets, traditional games and 3D games. Utilising the most intricate design and cutting technology, we have created a brand-new collection of 3D graphics. These innovative markings are fun and educational whilst truly bringing your playground to life. In addition to the supply of the designs within our Thermobrite and Thermoplastic Playground markings brochures, we are able and happy to manufacture your bespoke designs. Many of our schools and local authority request bespoke playground markings where we create exact replicas of school logos or crests on outdoor playgrounds.

We can create playground markings with animals, cartoon playground markings, funny shapes, pirates, waves ships and endless more playground marking to create desert island or beaches scenes.

One of our most popular range of playground markings is our outdoor giant chess markings that can also be used for giant draughts. We use thermoplastic playground marking to create a long lasting, vibrant and colourful full range of design and ideas. Number grids and games allow the playground to become the classroom and are our most popular of all school playground markings.

Our Primary School Playground marking provide all kind of shapes, ideas challenges for young children to play and expand their problem-solving skills. We have Giant Maze playground markings, maps of the world playground marking, giant clocks and galaxies and star systems that will test primary school children's curiosity and fascination with the world around and beyond them. Our letter game playground marking with our range of number game playground marking also assist with children’s numeracy and literacy skills but do so in a fun and active way. Active learning playground marking also children to learn through play.

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