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    CONIPUR JIP SOFT is a purpose designed jogging and running surface for dedicated activity spaces. This 14 mm system, with a 3 mm structured polyurethane layer installed onto an 11 mm cushioned comfort layer, combines excellent running comfort with outstanding durability. CONIPUR JIP SOFT is designed to create an impermeable finish, that can be applied on to existing concrete or asphalt surfaces (with the necessary falls to allow for free drainage). The cushion layer reduces the risk of impact injury making the surface ideal for committed regular runners/joggers to train and exercise on a regular basis. The textured finish provides excellent slip resistance. To further enhance the look and performance, CONIPUR JIP SOFT utilises a high quality, UV-stable PU sealing lacquer that protects the surface from staining, makes it easier to clean and ensures the colour stays vibrant for longer. The system can also be combined with CONIPUR J Base which is perfect for areas where there is no existing substrate. CONIPUR JIP SOFT – the ideal solution heavily utilised dedicated running/jogging spaces

    • Features and benefits: 14mm thick
      Excellent comfort and safety
      SBR based cushion layer
      Cost effective, with high end performance
      Fully sealed, impermeable system
      Improved durability and aesthetics

    Play Values

    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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