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    CONIPUR M is a full PUR, shock absorbing high performance athletics track system. World Athletics certified. This 14mm full PUR track system, built entirely using ‘virgin material’, is a premium surfacing system offering excellent durability and performance making it ideal for competition use. CONIPUR M consists of a 3 layers, the second of which utilises a highly flexible binder and foamed EPDM for added impact absorption. This results in less risk of injury and fatigue, whilst returning more energy back to the athlete. For these reasons, CONIPUR M has been used worldwide, for many years, as a performance track system in stadiums hosting competitions at the highest level. Its resilience, performance and longevity are renowned. Our references clearly show that CONIPUR M meets the highest demands of athletes and, accordingly, many world records have been set on CONIPUR M tracks. CONIPUR M, the perfect choice for top level national and international venues

    • Features and benefits: Flexible, foamed EPDM layer
      High performance, ultimate safety
      Full PUR system
      Ultimate durability
      Tried and tested worldwide in high level venues
      Peace of mind, guaranteed performance

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    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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