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    CONIPUR KF is a mixed elastic sports hall system, with options available to meet any need. This mixed elastic sports hall system features a point elastic top layer, in combination with a surface-stiffening hard matrix. When stressed with a point load, a depression forms which is slightly bigger compared to the depression on a point elastic sports floor. This improves its properties with regard to foot stability, as well as sliding and ball rebound behavior. The surface is more resilient than a standard point elastic system, thus providing enhanced protection from the damage that can result from equipment movement and blunt impact. Due to its minimal installation thickness, CONIPUR KF is ideal for environments requiring CONIPUR CE type performance, but where installation of a combined elastic system isn’t possible due to finished floor level limitations. CONIPUR KF provides a seamless surface is easy to clean and highly durable. It can be supplied in a wide range of colours to perfectly complement any design scheme. To ensure that CONIPUR KF is suitable for a wide range of projects, CONICA offers a number of options including; a low emissions version and a flame retardant version so, whatever you need, we have a solution. When the surface reaches a stage when it is past its best, CONICA offers re-topping solutions that avoid the need for full replacement – cost effective and environmentally friendly. This system complies with all important international norms and standards and is certified for basketball use (FIBA).

    • Features and benefits: Impact absorbing, excellent stability under foot
      High performance, with reduced risk of impact related injury
      High impact resistance
      Reduced risk of damage, suitable for halls used for public events
      Seamless PU coating
      Easy to clean and ultra durable
      Wide range of options available
      Whatever the need, we have the solution

    Play Values

    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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