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    CONIFLOOR IES / IES SR are flow applied industrial epoxy flooring systems, with IES SR offering enhanced slip resistance.

    These self smoothing flow applied industrial epoxy flooring systems are ideal for medium to heavy duty areas. IES is best suited to dry areas, whilst IES SR is best suited to areas requiring a slip resistant surface.

    Typical installation thickness is circa 2-3mm.

    The main flow applied layer can be heavily filled to create a resin mortar.

    CONIFLOOR IES / IES SR systems are cost effective, easy to clean and resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for areas that include:

    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Packing halls
    • Pharmaceutical production
    • Plant rooms
    • Workshops
    • These solvent free, hard, total solids systems have a matt finish, provide excellent opacity and are available in an extensive range of colours.

    FeRFA (BS8204-6): Type 4 (IES SR) or type 5 (IES)

    • Features and benefits: Excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and chemical attack
      Hard wearing and reliable
      Self smoothing or highly fillable
      Can be used as a coating or mortar
      Totally seamless and impermeable finish
      Durable and easy to clean
      Excellent opacity, available in a wide range of colours
      Easy to install, bold and bright finishes

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