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    CONIFLOOR UPD+ is a decorative sound insulating comfort floor system, finished with a transparent seal coat.

    This polyurethane comfort floor system utilises an underlay mat to provide sound insulation properties. The underlay mat can be either a preformed rubber mat or CONICA’s innovative liquid polyurethane elastic layer. The overall thickness of the system can be amended achieve higher levels of sound insulation.

    The transparent top coat, which is totally UV stable, enables the installer to create decorative effects within, or on top of, the main coating. This process can be used to deliver stunning high quality finishes.

    CONIFLOOR UPD+ provides a smooth, matt and hard wearing finish suitable for areas that include:

  • Residential properties
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Museums and libraries
  • Public buildings
  • This low emission, static crack bridging, sound insulating and decorative system can be produced in almost any colour to complement any design theme.
  • FeRFA (BS8204-6): Type 5

    • Features and benefits: Soft under foot with a decorative matt finish
      High end, high quality solution
      Transparent UV stable top coat
      Enables highly decorative effects
      Low emission resins, with a sound insulating layer
      Perfect for all residential and public buildings
      Totally seamless finish
      Durable and easy to clean

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    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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