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Artifical Cricket Pitches

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    Bingham Ground Services are suppliers and installers of Artificial Cricket Pitches and Cricket practice facilities to clubs, Schools and local authorities. The Non-Turf cricket pitches we install are the Notts. Sport® ECB approved systems which means that clubs can obtain funding. Artificial Cricket Pitches have as everything does developed a lot over the years meaning that they have become a more realistic performing necessity for any club and school to consider. The above project shows the cricket nets construction carried out at Broughton Cricket Club near Scunthorpe which was carried out to Notts. Sport® design and specification.

    Cricket Net Construction The whole process of the installation of our artificial cricket pitches starts with a site visit to ascertain levels of the proposed area and run through the clubs requirements for their cricket net installation. The types of non-turf cricket pitches which we install are as follows –

    Notts. Sport® Envelope System® The Envelope System is the most popular type of artificial cricket pitch we install due to its natural characteristics, by this we mean that the pace and bounce is slower and lower in the early season when the aggregate is damp and as this dries out the pitch gets faster and has more bounce much like a natural pitch. The construction of the Envelope System® is based upon 100mm being excavated then the exposed soil compacted then installation of a 50mm stone sub base which is levelled and compacted then the install of a Notts. Film® to stop aggregates mixing and also improve load bearing and prevent dropping then installed is a 50mm layer of a crushed granite aggregate which is levelled and compacted and onto this is installed a Notts. Pad® shock pad to regulate the pace and bounce of the pitch and then surfaced with chosen Notts. Grass® surface and marked out.

    Notts. Sport® Notts. Base D System® The Notts. Base® D System are the most consistent type of artificial cricket pitches we can install and this means that the pace and bounce will be the same all year round due to the introduction of a second performance pad, the construction is the same at the envelope system but the addition of a non-porous Notts. Base® performance pad means that the wet weather cant affect the performance.

    Your cricket net construction needs to take into account what performance element you wish to get from your cricket practice nets and as this is a significant investment that a club will make it needs to be right and we aim to help you get your desired cricket pitch installation.

    Bingham Ground Services will undertake your cricket net installation or cricket pitch installation with our own staff and no elements of the work are sub contracted meaning that if you come to us we provide a total turnkey solution. All staff are fully trained on the equipment we use and all carry the required DBS checks for working on School sites.

    Darfield Cricket Club near Barnsley who have had a new single lane cricket practice area complete with surrounds and fencing, completed end of November 2017 and has the Notts. Sport® Envelope System® batting ends and the surfaces come with an 8 year warranty.

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