As one of the UK's leading Playground Companies, we take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. We are committed to developing our business towards ethical, ecological, social and economic sustainability.

We support environmentally appropriate management of the UK's and World's forests. All UK woodland operations and timber supplies are derived from strictly controlled sources, either through a government body approved felling licences or forest/woodland management plans. The Forestry Commission and many private woodland owners operate under the FSC® certification scheme.

All wood supplied can be traced to a source using our suppliers’ internal systems, compliant with FSC® standards.

All wood supplied can be guaranteed as "sourced from sustainably managed forests, where all aspects of approved environmental practice are ensured".

The sourcing of our resurfacing products reduces the consumption of natural resources as a preventative measure and minimises the environmental effects by recycling and closing of material cycles to avoid unnecessary waste. We work with our suppliers to develop innovative products, e.g. with incorporated bio-based natural materials or with an extended lifetime.

Our plastic panels and posts are manufactured using 99% of the HDPE waste material and, and it is our policy to continue to works with suppliers who recycle as much of their waste materials as possible in the future. Since the end of 2009, our suppliers introduced 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) HDPE sheets and plastic timber profiles using a very high proportion PCR with the addition of a mineral to aid strength to the range.