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  • Product Code: 13113
  • Price: $8,960.00
    • Dimensions:
      Length 698
      Width 561
      Height 240
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    Playground set Alv is a real treat for every active toddlers, who love to climb, swing or sliding down with incredible speed. Alv have a lot of opportunities as a multifunctional playing device, offers a variety fun with many interesting elements. Great for playground gymnastics and climbing fun! Top ladder is 4 ft 11 inches high with the traditional wooden ladder, climbing steps and long slide for more fun. Rich selection of overhead handles and bars helps to improve muscle strength and fitness level. Our Lars Laj designers combine playful creativity with their know-how as engineers when developing new Playground Areas. The proof is in our Play and Climbing Nets used in this product. Each net structure shows how the high-quality Lars Laj ropes and the individual fastening technology produce intriguing rope net areas with all different shapes. Fastened to tailor-made support constructions, our net spaces form such as ground and angled nets and gently curved climbing landscapes ropes and other items that allow active recreation combined with amazing acrobatics. Alv is equipped with heaps of fun elements for an interesting play. Nature product line, such as this incredible Alv set is a guarantee of high quality and aesthetic performance. The device is made of robinia wood - durable and safe to use, giving a feeling of beauty and warmth. Alv from Nature Line playgrounds provide excellent entertainment for kids from 3 years and up!

    • Line: Nature
    • Critical falling height: 150 cm
    • Falling surface: Required
    • Safety zone: 883x1060 cm
    • Age: 3+
    • Platform height: 150 cm

    Play Values

    This product supports the following areas of child development.

    • Balancing

    • Gross Motor Skills


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