Wooden trim trails provide school children with a range of fun, sustainably sourced playground equipment opportunities. This exciting range of timber playground apparatus challenge stability and problem-solving skills as young people negotiate how to navigate the wooden play equipment using different choices of challenging route or without letting their feet touch the ground. Trim Trails can be purchased as complete packages or you can design your own trim trail to suit your playground needs by selecting individual items from a huge list of wooden playground equipment. Our timber climbing equipment range includes monkey bars, log rolls, rope walks, climbing walls, net climbing equipment, boulder climbing equipment and challenges young people to develop excellent balance and coordination skills. This fun playground equipment is safe to use and is designed to be used with or without safety flooring. The Timber trail range is a most popular playground equipment choice for schools, parks and many local authorities. Premier Play Solutions are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wooden playground equipment and we have an excellent reputation for quality and customer service

As part of commitment to a more suitable and sustainable environment we ensure that all our wood and timbers are gathered by the careful and eco-friendly management of global woodlands and forests when sourcing supplies and suppliers of our handmade timber trail products. All of our supplier’s woodland operations and timber supplies in the United Kingdom and Europe are sourced from strictly controlled sources. This quality control is ensured by using only Government Body approved felling licences or alternatively by adhering to approved and recognised Woodland Management plans. The Forestry Commission and most independent woodland owners operate under total compliance with the nationally recognised FSC® certification scheme and standards that gives our customers the peace of mind that the wood supplied to produce timber trail equipment is fully transparent and traceable to a source using our suppliers’ internal systems. All the timbers and wood supplied in our wooden play equipment is guaranteed as "sourced from sustainably managed forests” It’s important to us and our planet that we adhere and encourage approved environmental practice in our work.

Trim trails and wooden climbing units provide an excellent opportunity for children to enjoy outdoor play equipment to play and exercise whilst having great fun. Timber adventure trails provide a fun and active way to allow children to build their physical skills and enjoy a healthy, an active lifestyle. Trim trails for schools and parks are created to cater for varying ages and ability levels, whilst also providing a fun and exciting challenge. As children overcome new challenges, they develop the skills, confidence and self-awareness and really enjoy pushing themselves to their limits on these fantastic handmade wooden adventure trails.

Trim trails in schools are a fantastic resource for outdoor play times and are often used to enhance the PE curriculum. Trim trails can be created in a number of combinations which promote personal development social skills, teamwork and risk taking within a range of fun challenging play apparatus

Our wooden trim trail range and wooden playground equipment is ideal for all abilities and budgets. Our support team will show you how you can use different items to mix varying climbing pieces to produce trim trails to suit any requirements. Adventure trail playground equipment can also be manufactured at different heights to suit early years settings.

Wooden trim trail items come in all sizes and degrees of difficulty and can be low level help to promote balance, coordination and agility, whereas larger playframes incorporate more challenging trim trail equipment and include items such as the A Frame, Climbing Frames Monkey Bars and hanging bars, rings and ropes that develop strength, confidence and self-esteem. Many school playground and local authority parks mix and match individual trim trail items and create an existing and varied combination of both types of trim trail equipment that supports different challenges within the outdoor regardless of age and ability of the people who are enjoying these great wood climbing frames.

We offer FREE personal onsite support advice to help create a wooden trim trail to suit your needs, space budget and ideas

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