Bike Trails

We are one of limited number of Playground Companies who provide BMX and standard Bike trail equipment to challenge bike riders of all ages. These ramps, bridges, slaloms and jumps provide great excitement to woodland or playground bike circuits. Many schools and parks also include some of the bike trail ramp equipment to allow wheelchair friendly access to provide inclusive play opportunities for wheelchair users and make trim trails wheelchair friendly wherever possible.

Bike trails are the latest initiative that primary school sports have recently enjoyed as part of the school’s bike ability scheme. Our all-weather bike trails come in a variety of sports surfaces for schools including tarmac, conipave, rubber mulch, artificial grass or AstroTurf paths.

We also use RubbaSmart which is wet pour is a smooth surface that is used to brighten up and bold and vibrant colours to school playground surfaces. Bike trails for schools also include bike jumps and mike ramps that can add excitement and something extra to school bike tracks.

We also provide road markings for schools’ which inkling traffic light and road crossing markings for schools that are great learning tools for schools when teaching road safety for children and are a great idea to include when installing bike trails for schools. All weather surfacing for schools can be shaped to fit an outdoor all-weather pathway or all-weather bike surfacing and our special rubber mulch surfacing for schools and conipave pathways for parks allow families and young children to cycle unobstructed all year long whatever the weather.

Bike Trails can also be installed on school playgrounds with playground road markings for school playgrounds and we use solid colour or incorporate crazy designs to help reinforce road safety whilst still creating an exciting bike trail in your school playground and can also incorporate road traffic signs for schools and playground equipment for schools to fully maximise the bike trail in schools and public places.

Download Bike Trails Brochure