Our Early Years Play Equipment is focussed on providing Nursery, Reception and KS1 children with a range of fun and exciting playground equipment that fuels their imagination and takes learning outside of the classroom and into playtimes. We can provide a range of early outdoor play equipment to assist with child development and to allow them to explore their physical abilities.

From Toddler Towers, Role Play, Sand and Water play, Wigwams and Play Panels, there is something for all ages and ability levels. We recognise the importance of an effective Early Years outdoor play space and we will strive to understand your needs and share innovative ideas to give you an early year’s outdoor play space to be proud of.

We have an extensive array of early years equipment ranging from play panels to water play to pirate ships! Our early years equipment provides endless opportunities for younger children to develop physically, socially and cognitively in an outdoor environment. Outdoor active learning is a vital part of the development of every child. At Premier Play Solutions we value every child and cater for each individual’s needs. Our early years equipment is vibrant and exciting, stimulating young children and helping them think creatively whilst encouraging imaginative play.

Our early years’ play equipment comes in various sizes covering different themes including role play, sand play equipment, sand pits for schools, water play equipment, story time and storytelling chairs for schools, messy play for schools, music and arts and crafts. Not only do we cater for the physical needs of early children, by providing, for example, toddler towers, tunnels and timber bridges, we also see the importance of stimulating their minds. We therefore have an extensive range of early years’ play panels, incorporating problem solving through science, traditional games using magnetic panels, art panels to foster drawing and writing and fun activity panels to stimulate their imaginations.

As well as providing equipment such as toddler towers and surf riders to improve gross motor skills in the early years, we also offer moving parts panels to target fine motor skills. The children need to use these skills to turn cogs, twist knobs, press buttons and slide moving parts. Many of our panels encourage early years’ children to write, draw and move small parts, all essential for helping them to develop pencil control in the classroom.

At Premier Play solutions we understand that early years children have boundless energy. In order to channel that energy, we offer an extensive range of playground springers and rockers specifically for early childhood children. They come in a variety of colours and characters from aeroplanes to chickens! Our new range of surf riders and spring see-saws help to develop balance and coordination for early childhood. They can be installed in isolation or as part of a bigger playground project. early childhood can use them individually of with a partner to help encourage social skills alongside improving their physical growth.

Our toddler towers have proven to be extremely popular with early years children offering challenging outdoor learning. Physical development is essential for the early childhood, helping them to become more spatially aware and giving them confidence to try new challenges. We have a variety of towers including single, double and triple decks. They are all installed with rubber mulch safety surfacing complying with British Safety Standards and cover the critical fall heights of the apparatus.

Our early years’ play equipment can be tailored to suit your needs and a lot of our items can be incorporated into topics you are covering or the interest and needs of the children. For example, our button stools are fairy tale themed. We have a large range of animal posts play castles, boats and dens. At Premier Play Solutions we recognise the importance of outdoor play and learning and have a range of sand play equipment, including covered sand pits. We also offer water play for the early years including water walls and basins. Our messy play range includes a kitchen and play table.

For those early year’s children wishing to have some quiet time our story telling seating is an ideal place to relax and listen or tell their friends a story!