Inclusive Play

We believe that children deserve the opportunity to be children whatever their ability. We also believe that young people deserve the same opportunities to grow, develop and blossom through fun and accessible exercise and activity.

Whilst it isn't possible or always practical to adapt every piece of playground apparatus we do endeavour to provide a growing number of inclusive play and exercise products that allow children and young people to play, grow and learn side by side.

Play Panels

Our sensory play panel range is proving enormously popular as it facilitates children's exploration through sight, sound, balance and touch and naturally encourages children to actively process fun and creative play. There are so many different play panels available that could provide a sensory garden zone with music, colour and sounds.

Playground markings

We can provide roadway markings to allow wheelchair users to participate and play with their friends and help them learn crucial road safety messages. Teamed with road signs on posts and play panels depicting train stations, village shops and post offices, you are able to create your own mini town in the middle of your playground.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

We are able to provide a small amount of gym equipment specifically designed for wheelchair users in both adult and children’s sizes including:

  1. Arm and pedal bikes
  2. Tai Chi Discs

Our commitment

We can build inclusive playgrounds by remodelling or adapting an existing play area or starting the whole project from scratch. We make a playground accessible & inclusive, focusing on meeting the needs by minimising the hazards. So, from exploring to stimulating, our play areas ensure every child gets nothing but the best when it comes to play resources.

Feel free to mail us at info@premierplaysolutions.co.uk for further information.

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