Outdoor Gyms & Fitness

Our outdoor gym exercise equipment is designed and developed to be used outdoors, making it accessible for all. Our unique and robust design makes outdoor exercise safe to use with the resistance provided by the user’s own body weight. Children’s Fitness Equipment is an ideal solution to encourage outside exercise and fun and enjoyment for all and is ideal Sports Premium Equipment solution to provide Outdoor Gym Equipment for Schools. All our outdoor gym equipment has been designed and manufactured to comply with the BS and European safety standard and can be purchased individually or as part of a package to create an Outdoor School Gym or a Park gym.

We supply both children’s gym equipment and adult gym equipment and can provide equipment specifically designed for wheelchair users in both adult and children’s sizes.

Fitness Stations

Fitness Stations are a great addition to the outdoor fitness equipment. Stretching and warming up is an important part of physical fitness to prevent injury.

Stretching exercises are effective in increasing flexibility, and thereby can allow people to help take part in activities that require a greater range of movements. Stretching also improves the motion of the joints and promotes better posture. Regular stretching can even help relieve stress. For this reason, stretching and flexibility activities are an appropriate part of a physical activity program.

We can supply outdoor fitness stations as complete circuit training equipment work outs or as individual fitness stations.

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