Playground and Sports Court Markings

Thermoplastic Playground markings are perfect for brightening up a dull tarmac playground, offering fun at affordable prices. We work with a team of professional and dedicated in house graphic designers who can offer computer-generated drawings of your chosen markings. Our wide range of playground markings allows you to take learning outside of the classroom with a range of literacy, maths and educational designs that fit with curriculum activities.

The classic playground games, such as hopscotch, Mr Wolf and Duck Duck Goose never go out of style and encourage social interaction and participation in games at playtimes. We are also in a position where we can design and manufacture virtually any school logo or crest to any required size not forgetting any bespoke markings that you may have in mind. All our markings are manufactured using state of the art water jetting CNC machines providing every marking with a clean and crisp cut guaranteeing excellent detail to the finished product every time.

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