Early Years & Reception

We install Outdoor Playground Equipment for early years children to allow them to have fun and learn outdoors. Our commitment as leading Playground Equipment Suppliers is to build inclusive playgrounds by remodelling or adapting an existing play area or starting the whole project from scratch. We make a playground accessible & inclusive, focusing on meeting the needs by minimising the hazards to ensure every child gets nothing but the best when it comes to play resources

Our Early Years Playgrounds are focussed on providing Nursery, Reception and KS1 children with a range of fun and exciting equipment that fuels their imagination and takes learning outside of the classroom and into playtimes. Our Toddlers Playgrounds provide a range of early outdoor play equipment to assist with child development and to allow them to explore their physical abilities and realise your EYFS Playground Ideas.

From Toddler Towers, Wooden Seating, Fun Springers, Outdoor Classrooms, Role Play, Mud Kitchens, Sand and Water Play, Wigwams and Play Panels, there is something for all ages and ability levels from Early Years to older children. We recognise the importance of effective Early Years Equipment and Nursery Equipment and we will strive to understand your needs and share innovative ideas to give you an early year’s outdoor play space and Activity Equipment to be proud of.

Unlike some Playground Companies, we strongly believe that every child should have equal access to the best play opportunities that allows children with disabilities and special needs to be active side-by-side with able bodied children in any Playpark or Outdoor Playground.

Our sensory play panel range facilitates children's exploration through sight, sound, balance and touch and naturally encourages children to actively process fun and creative play. There are so many different play panels available that could provide a sensory garden zone with music, colour and sounds. We provide roadway markings to allow wheelchair users to participate and play with their friends and help them learn crucial road safety messages. Teamed with children’s road signs on posts and play panels depicting train stations, village shops and post offices, you are able to create your own mini town in the middle of your playground.

We also know that a little bit of risk involved in Primary School Play Equipment is a great way to challenge children and help them to develop a greater understanding of themselves. Risk taking is very good for Children’s Play because it allows children to face adversity and learn how to cope with success and failure, build their capabilities, explore their emotions, expand their horizons, and test boundaries. They also gain practical experience of taking responsibility for their safety. Our Toddler Tower range provides for different ages and abilities, and encourages not only confidence and building climbing abilities, but it also encourages role play activities and is ideal Playground equipment for Primary Schools.

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