Seating, Benches & Staging

Your play school inventory is evidently incomplete without the essential addition of seating, benches, and stagings. To entertain children, one needs to organize a clean and comfy seating arrangement along with a convenient distribution of tables and benches. However, there is a fine line of difference between an office space and a school dedicated to the young ones. For the office area, a plain and formal looking arrangement of tables and seats would do just fine, however for the latter, it’s a whole different story.

Need for Cool Designs

Whether we admit it or not, children are a tough crowd to impress. They are more drawn to the visual appeal of a structure. That’s the reason why a playschool is embellished in bright and lively colours. In simple words, a bland-looking structure won’t strike the right chords within children and that's simply bad news. So, it’s time you went on with some professional assistance that can offer a vivid variety of School fencingPlay Tables, Picnic Tables, that can catch the eye of the young ones.

Our Inventory

Premier Play Solutions offer an extensive range of seating and stage options to suit all areas within a School Playground. From amphitheatres, Outdoor Stages to storytelling areas, there is a seating area to suit your needs. Our new range of button stools are perfect for Story Time Areas or take a look at our tree seats – they can be used as stand-alone pieces to create an intimate seating area and Memorial Gardens or used around the base of trees to add additional seating.

With our services, you can also opt for sports fencing if you so prefer. We provide;

  • Buddy benches
  • Curved benches
  • School fencing
  • Wooden fencing
  • Sports fencing
  • Story Time Seating
  • Toadstool seats
  • Button stools with engraved tops
  • Different sized tree seats
  • Storytelling Chairs
  • Play Tables
  • Picnic Tables
  • Litter bins and much more

Eco-friendly Products- Our Products, Our Responsibility

Our high quality, recycled plastic outdoor furniture products provide an eco-friendly low maintenance solution. Our wide range of recycled plastic outdoor furniture uses the finest materials to create our interesting and durable recycled outdoor furniture.

Most of the recycled materials are manufactured from post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste, including HDPE milk and detergent bottles that could have otherwise gone into landfill sites. This PCR material is subject to various processing cycles which include a thorough cleaning and grinding before being re-manufactured into the high-quality materials.

Perfect Arrangement to enhance Engagement

For the Early Years children, there are storytelling chairs and sandpits and for the older ones, there are brilliant children’s climbing walls available in different heights and lengths. If you are looking for Park Picnic Benches or Park Tables and Chairs to landscape your outside area, we provide benches, tables, picnic tables, tree seats, bins and various planter arrangements. Play tables are yet another intelligent inclusion if wish to further the interest of children. You can extend the range of creativity by adding the picnic tables to the arsenal.

Premier Play Solutions also offer a range of staging and amphitheatre products for all those budding actors and actresses! From simple stages and benches to 3 tier amphitheatres, we’ve got the School Performance Area and School Performance Stage areas sorted!