Shelters & Canopies

It is no mystery what good some recreation in the open air can do to one’s body. And as they say, a healthy body hosts a healthy mind, though the mind needs its own fair share of open-air too.

Ever wondered about the prospect of academic researches, studies and classes conducted day-in-day-out, out in the open sun and air? In addition to Primary School Play Equipment, Premier Play Solutions offers a wide variety of outdoor classrooms, Playground Shelters and school shelters with many options and designs which have become increasingly popular with the Forest Schools initiative.

Why study in open areas?

The Forest School Project is a learning methodology that requires academic experiences in the forests and woods. Not only are they aesthetically valuable and calming, but also provide an environment of utmost nurturing, closer to nature. There are many benefits to having a new outdoor classroom like to provide an area for enhanced well-being, quiet areas or simply a playground sun shelter. At an age where children seem to be spending more and more time indoors, Playground Canopies, Outdoor Gardens, Planters and Timber Shelters for Schools provide the opportunity to engage and learn in a fresh, natural environment and can prove to be a very effective teaching and learning tool.

Timber Shelters

Timber shelters are an amazing way to enhance individual self-esteem in youth as well as a stage to demonstrate the scope of broader topics like environment, philosophy, nature, arts etc. that cannot find an effective medium in regular classrooms. These playground shelters focus on individual skills like cooperative, cognitive and analytical abilities.

Playground Shelters

Playground shelters have a holistic impact on the development of an individual’s personality, that is not only physiological but psychological as well.

  • They are an escape from the closed environment of schoolroom academics, and group interactions tend to boost confidence, communication and social skills.
  • Learning in a real-time environment also makes the students, especially young adults, an opportunity to form their identities and feel more secure in them.
  • The presence of nature as a major part of something as every day as a classroom paves way for the discussion on behaviours that can be sustainable environmentally. This is because then the participants might as well see what they are taught.
  • Physical endurance, breathing, stamina and overall motor response is enhanced.
  • Although these timber shelters are placed closer to nature and outdoors, they are still a controlled environment and involve risk-taking that is educational and healthy.
  • Outdoor classes have shown to improve academic growth and self-discipline.
  • Students participating in outdoor classes have lesser stress levels, resulting in increased patience, cognitive skills, mental invigoration and consistency in attention.

With an amazing relay of benefits, it surely is a fun way of learning too! If you have been looking for something wonderful for yourself or your kids, the buck stops right here. In addition to supplying and installing this range, we, at Premier Play Solutions, will work with you to supply an outdoor classroom or playground shelter that meets your needs.

Our range of Shelters and Sleeper timber products cater for a wide variety of activities caters for all ages - we can provide toddler shelters for the younger age groups, Teen ‘buddy’ bars for the older ones and outdoor classrooms for larger groups.

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