Shelters and Canopies

Going beyond the 4-walled rooms!

Relishing the essence of nature with adequate protection and safety, learning in an open environment is a lifetime experience. To make it possible in schools or playhouses, opting for shelter & canopies is the best bet. We, at Premier Play Solutions, design, manufacture and install customised shelters and canopies all year round.

With hand-picked timber, our shelters and pergolas are there to add an aesthetic sense to your premise plus more.

Why do you need or a shelter/canopy?

We always encourage moulding children, breaking the barriers of conventional education and venturing into something out-of-the-box. Understanding the needs and requisites to cater to these budding maestros, you must have this addition at your premise. Here are the reasons why.

  1. Enhanced learning amid the heart of nature

    The kids can have the advantage to learn beyond the usual with these versatile structures. Studies say young children must spend time outside in greenery for a minimum of 3 hours every day. This is because a permanent wooden shelter/canopy makes a fun and protected environment with an easy learning procedure.

  2. Adequate safety & protection

    You don’t need to worry about safety. With superlative raw materials, our canopies and shelters act as a shield fighting UV rays, rain and various other unpredictable factors. Your child is safe and sound with our shelters around!

  3. Comfortable and cosy

    Apart from rendering an appealing look, these fixtures also provide comfort and cosiness during all weather conditions. Parents can also use it as a waiting room.

  4. Extra storage

    You also have the option to transform your canopy as an extra storage space. We provide tailor-made designs by adding roller shutters to create a space ideal for storage and other utilities.

Our exquisite range of offerings

At PPS, we home an exclusive range of robust polycarbonate canopies and shelters, timber shelters, tensile, and modular to name a few. Furthermore, you can grab canopies at sale; even shelters and walkways are available at the best price.

Flip through our website to get hold of the best one. Contact us for further information.

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