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Swing into Action with our exciting range of swings cater for all ages and abilities and is popular choice of Outdoor Activity Equipment. We can provide individual timber swings or steel swings as group swings or different ones such as flat seat swings or cradle swings. Our most popular swing by far is the inclusive group swing, which allows a few children to use it at the same time. Playground swing units are also great for children with disabilities, allowing them to take part in an activity alongside their friends. We can also provide steel swing units, slides, see-saws and for those of you with a little bit more space and a taste for adventure, why not check out our aerial zip lines and zip wires. Children’s swing units are supplied in either timber or powder coated steel.

At Premier Play Solutions we have a wide range of Play in Motion timber swings. They come in a multitude of sizes with various seat options leaving you spoilt for choice for your playground, public park, garden or open space. Our timber swings are suitable for playgrounds, public parks and gardens and offer a natural feature to any open space. We offer a range of styles from the timber group swing to the cradle seat to the traditional flat seat. You can choose the number and style of seat to suit your needs. Many playgrounds include more than one timber swing to add variety and choice, catering for all ages and abilities of the children who use them. At Premier Play solutions we appreciate how playground equipment should fit in with the natural surroundings, so our Metals swings are an ideal addition to any park, garden or outdoor playground.

We offer many playground options to suit your needs and can include combinations to enhance your playground environment. All our timber swings are sturdy and strong and are made from FSC certified pine and are ethically and sustainably sourced. Bespoke unit sizes are available upon request to suit any sized playground, park, garden or open space.

Premier Play Solutions offer a variety of seats for our timber swings including cradles, flat seats and group swings, our group swings are very popular with disability groups enabling children to lay down. They are also perfect for younger children to enjoy the swing and play together, our inclusive seats for our timber swings are designed for very young children or those with disabilities to keep them safe and secure whilst moving in the playground.

Galvanised steel feet can be fitted for a small additional charge. Steel feet offer an alternative to in ground timbers and can be used in both wet pour surfacing and extended for loose fit bark. The feet are securely fixed to the base of the timbers with all fixings concealed.

They are all installed with rubber mulch safety surfacing complying with British Safety Standards and cover the critical fall heights of the timber swings.

In our Play in Motion range, Premier Play Solutions also offer a number of steel swings or metal swings as an alternative to timber swings. They are strong and robust, great for using in public parks and open spaces due to their anti-vandalism qualities. They are available with the same seat options as the timber swings offering the same benefits to all groups of children for use in playgrounds, parks gardens and community open spaces. Our cradle seat swings are a great addition to any public park or school playground to cater for the needs of very young children or those with any disabilities. Again, steel feet options are available on request and bespoke unit sizes too.

Our steel swings add colour to any playground or park and we can install any number of pieces and combinations to suit your school, playground park or open space. All our steel swings at Premier Play Solutions are installed with rubber mulch safety surfacing complying with British Safety Standards and cover the critical fall heights of the Metals swings.

Here at Premier Play Solutions we believe that outdoor learning through play is vitally important for every child and our range of timber and steel swings are great for providing opportunities for children within your school and community to develop a more active and healthier lifestyle. We ca also provide and install inclusive swing and inclusive swing seats that can be used to allow wheelchair users to take part in lay too. Our wheelchair friendly swings for schools are great fun

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