Trim Trails

Give your children a blend of playful and learning experiences in a place where they love spending time most, their playground. The extensive range of trim trail equipment that we provide at Premier Play Solutions will leave the children spoiled for choice.

Trim Trail elements can be provided in a variety of different ways:

  • Customised Trim Trail Play Equipment
  • Tri-Play
  • Play Frames (Innovative Climbing Frames)
  • Steel Trim

Each trail and climbing structure provides a set of unique challenges to children that helps them develop physical and mental skills. The running, pulling and stretching involved in the activity helps them build body strength, agility, and motor skills. The trails also offer mental challenges that require them to plan and plot the course through which they must go and complete the trail successfully.

Whether you are looking to build an easy set of courses for preschool children or prepare a more challenging course for older children, you can gain a vast range of customised trim trail solutions for your need. We build all kind of trim trails and climbing frames for schools based on their space, budget and their requirements.

Take a look at the products below:

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