Trim & Bike Trails

Trim Trails for Primary Schools are the most popular of our Outdoor Climbing Apparatus and School Playground Equipment. We offer 10 different pre-designed Trim Trails with varying degrees of difficulty and size. As a leading Playground Company with a wide choice of trim trail equipment we provide outdoor play apparatus that stimulates movement and physical activity in a playground to encourage children to move rather than just sit on play equipment.

Our range of Timber Play trim trail units, assault courses and Climbing Walls come with up to 15 year guarantees and can be combined or modified to suit each school or nursery’s space and budget. Minimal safety surfacing may be required around each trim trail but for all year use we recommend a complete safety surfacing system based on specific Critical Fall Heights. Individual Trim Trail Elements can be purchased to create bespoke trim trails or add extra pieces to existing playgrounds. The possibilities for Play Equipment for Schools are endless and by creating your own bespoke trail you can cater exactly for the needs of the children depending on their age and ability.

Trim Trails for Small Spaces!

Tri Play Equipment is a Trim Trail arranged around a triangle space, allowing the user to work around the frame, rather than along it. They are perfect for where space is limited, maybe on an unused corner of a playground? There are many sizes available plus they can also be tagged onto the end of existing trails. We can help with hundreds of new playgrounds ideas to choose from.

Replace the traditional climbing frame !

Playframes and Play Towers work around a square or a rectangle shape, allowing children to work around, rather than along the equipment. These play frames are a lot larger than the Tri-Play which allows for full sized Trim Trail elements to be used in a smaller space rather than in the traditional ‘strip’ way. Children’s Play Frames are great if you are wanting to replace a traditional climbing frame with a Trim Trails for Schools but only have a limited footprint to work with.

Steel Trim Trail

The Steel Trim Trail equipment an alternative to Wood Trim Trails and is bright, robust and colourful, with anti-slip surface and helps to improve balance, agility and co-ordination. It is made in steel which dries quickly after the rain and won’t split, distort or lose grip. Even better, unlike wood, it needs very little maintenance. With our bespoke approach, your own ideas can be turned into a tailor-made trail.

Bike Trails

We also supply and install an exciting range of BMX and standard Bike trails equipment which can challenge bike riders of all ages. These ramps, bridges, slaloms and jumps provide great excitement to woodland or playground bike circuits. Many schools and parks also include some of the bike trail ramp equipment to allow wheelchair friendly access to provide inclusive play opportunities for wheelchair users and make trim trails wheelchair friendly wherever possible.

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