Clamber Stacks

Clamber stacks are a splendid blend of, both, challenge and exhilaration. This structure of rope and timber is efficiently crafted to encourage movement training. However, clamber stacks must possess a strong and standing stature. In the present time, clamber stacks aren’t usually coded as per the desire of the user. Many a time, the strength of the structure is sacrificed for an appealing look and vice versa. To have the essence of both is a rarity. But rarity never reciprocates to non-existent. We, at Premier Play Solutions, supply and install natural, sustainable wooden climbing frames that appeal to all ages.

Strong and Rigid Design

Clamber Stacks are a mixture of rope and wood designed to replicate a natural and challenging play environment which encourage the development of balance, hand-eye coordination, upper and lower body strength. All these areas are formally categorized under advanced motor function. As conscious playground suppliers, quality, sustainably sourced play equipment with longevity is at the heart of our environmentally friendly playground company

Best In Class Quality

We, at Premier Play Solutions, lay significant stress on escalating the appeal of our product without compromising on the strength aspect. We are thoroughly aware that the children are a tough crowd to impress. Captivating their attention would require something unconventionally charming and we are proficient in that form of art. It is a well-accepted fact that clamber Stacks are an ideal and practical play solution for school playgrounds or public parks.

Variety for All Age Groups

We offer a range of eco-friendly Clamber Stacks for different age groups and abilities from the Clamber Stack Midi which caters for younger children right up to the Clamber Padrino with playground slide which is a serious climbing challenge and one of the biggest Timber Tower Units. Keeping this in mind, we base the essential scheme of our craft in such a manner that it functions as an enabler in stimulating the touch of challenge in young minds. This age is ripe for inspiring dynamic growth in children which can be well-accomplished with some finely crafted clamber stacks.

Our craft technique allows us to forge clamber stacks that carry an engaging quality. They can serve as a promoter of advanced motor function in children and as a piece of training equipment for young adults seeking some enjoyable challenge.

Why Us?

Clamber stacks have significant value when it comes to offering a progressive challenge to the young ones. Our meticulously constructed clamber stacks are well-qualified to serve some comprehensive and stimulating exercise sessions to children. We lay special emphasis on the firmness of the architecture of our product. However, we don’t leave the aspect of engaging design out of the scene as omitting this one will render it incapable of enticing the senses of children. So, we blend, mix and fuse the essence of a sturdy composition with the substance of beauty. This resourceful fusion is instrumental in capturing the interest of the young ones.

To summarize it all, Premier Play Solutions are some humble artisans of clamber stacks that are specifically crafted on the banks of tempting design and sturdy structure. This fateful amalgamation is what that tempts the young curious minds into engaging in some progressive exercise.

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