Clamber Stacks

We supply and install natural, sustainable wooden climbing frames that appeal to all ages. Clamber Stacks are a mixture of rope and wood designed to replicate a natural and challenging play environment which encourage the development of balance, hand eye co-ordination, upper and lower body strength. As conscious playground suppliers, quality, sustainably sourced play equipment with longevity is at the heart of our environmentally friendly playground company.

Clamber Stack are an ideal and practical play solution for school playgrounds or public parks. We offer a range of eco-friendly Clamber Stacks for different age groups and abilities from the Clamber Stack Midi which caters for younger children right up to the Clamber Padrino with playground slide which is a serious climbing challenge and one of the biggest Timber Tower Units.

Using both Timber Challenge and Rope, the Clamber Stack has been innovatively designed to create natural, challenging and enjoyable outdoor play apparatus, which encourages children to develop balance, co-ordination and imagination through role-play. Our high quality natural, sustainable wooden climbing frames that appeal to all ages. Clamber Stacks are a mixture of rope and wood and we can add children’s slides and play forts and castles into the design. We continually assess what efficiencies can be made within our supplier’s production processes to minimise the amount of waste generated and the energy consumed and supply environmentally friendly playground equipment.

Timber used in the fencing and play production is purchased from those suppliers committed to the responsible management of sustainable forests. To maximise on our haulage efficiency, we also carry finished goods outwards to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

One of our biggest range of playground products are clamber stack climbing equipment for school playgrounds, alternatively called pick up stick’s units. We provide a whole host of clamber stacks for school playgrounds, local parks and community open spaces. There’s sure to be a clamber stack or pick up stick’s for children to suit everyone’s needs. Our clamber stacks for schools are made from FSC certified pine and are ethically and sustainably sourced, in keeping with our philosophy and awareness of our environment and indeed the world’s resources. The steel frames are strong and robust offering piece of mind.

Our clamber stacks for children include many different features including decks, climbing walls, slides, ropes, balance beams, netting, monkey ropes and play panels (which are available in a number of different colours). All these features offer a vast array of opportunities for children and young people to improve their overall dexterity, physical strength, coordination, balance and gross motor skill development.

Children love the outdoors and our clamber stacks for schools offer a great opportunity for school children of all ages to explore, climb, jump, slide, swing, balance and move in a challenging yet safe way. Each clamber stack offers something for all abilities and ages. The lower level pieces ensure less confident or younger children can access the clamber stack and gain the same skills as those older or more confident children. At Premier Play Solutions, we believe as a local playground equipment supplier that taking risks is very important for all children, whatever their age or ability and our clamber stacks are designed to meet the needs of these children at every level as they gain in confidence and skill.

Galvanised steel feet can be fitted to our clamber stack for a small additional charge. Steel feet offer an alternative to in ground timbers and can be used in both wet pour surfacing and extended for loose fit bark. The feet are securely fixed to the base of the timbers with all fixings concealed.

Our clamber stacks are all installed with rubber mulch safety surfacing complying with British Safety Standards and cover the critical fall heights of the apparatus.

To discuss any design ideas or for help choosing which of our amazing clamber stack to go for, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team. Clamber stacks for schools are a great challenge for children of all abilities and are the ideal choice of climbing equipment for schools. As a local playground equipment supplier, we work with primary schools to ensure that their choice of climbing equipment for schools is suitable for the needs and abilities of their children. The design of our clamber stacks for schools ensures that the playground equipment is a challenging enough for all children as the unique design allow

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